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Our company produces industrial painting plants and product range includes: water wall paint booths, static ovens or tunnels, paint booths for electrostatic powder painting, complete plants for paint working process either manual or with conveyor, floor air exhaust plants.

Our attention is mainly focused versus production companies with the need of painting goods like: industrial and metallic furniture, aluminum bars, cycles, motorcycles, electromechanical constructions, compressors, radiators, windows, mechanical transmissions, agricultural machines, etc

The company was born in 1963 as producer of metallic half processed components for shelf units, cabinets, electrical cabinets, with Officine Boss brand.

Internal production organization was mainly set with machinery for metallic plate working procedure (shears, punching machines, press brakes) and assembly stations (welders and spot  welders).

In 1968 there was an initial attention by the market to the problems related to health and safety in working areas.  The company felt this new and rising need, with a particular attention to those companies where manufacturing process included some paint process.  Production of first paint booths (water wall booths) started; booths entirely produced in metallic, after painted,  panels by sourcing and modifying what already in production in the US. Next step was to implement standard product range (thanks to a new technical department with skilled designers and engineers)  with dry ovens, degreasing tanks with trichloroethylene vapors, to move then to project special plants, complete of aerial conveyors, pretreatment tunnels already having the wastewater treatment cycles thanks to a brand new set of machinery (centrifugal, membrane ultra filtration).

In 1973 our company modified its objects becoming an engineered company for production of liquid or powder painting industrial plants and in electrophoresis by changing its brand into “Officine Boss Srl”.