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The continuous evolution of the marketplace, in particular regard to the always higher technological solutions, led Boss Srl into a big industrial group with the name of BOSS ENGINEERING,  in order to facilitate a better market penetration, have a drastic cost reduction with a “global” design of projects.

This allowed the company to project, manufacture and manage sophisticated realizations either in domestic or foreign markets.

BOSS ENGINEERING Srl realized complex projects for automatic managing of treatment process  of “automobile components”, by using modern technologies of handling, pretreatment painting and curing.

BOSS ENGINEERING Srl: a flexible company but with strong foundation and high professional skill entered among  a selected group of highest prestigious sector realities, capable to face from the smallest need of the craftsman to the most complex one of the big industry.  The following customers name are the  “confirming” example: FRACARRO….ECC

Meanwhile, BOSS ENGINEERING Srl took a primary attention to the environment by using recyclable materials and specific process for wastewaters. New products are borne like “new generation catalytic oxidizers” for gaseous pollutants and wastewater cleaners with always higher efficiency.

BOSS ENGINEERING Srl not only produces for industrial applications, but also a large variety of paint booths and prep areas for automotive application (Autorefinish).  High quality products, technologically advanced coming from the experience of industrial sector.

The last three years economical financial events brought BOSS ENGINEERING Srl, as many other realities, to revise its production and commercial strategies, without giving up quality and flexibility, but further optimizing  its own sources, organization and corporate structure.

Today BOSS ENGINEERING Srl, coming from a spin off operation from  Saico Group (painting sector well introduced company) has been entirely purchased by Mr Giovanni Arno but keeping its strong position in its area of responsibility (Industrial and Automotive painting), its innovative technologies by adding new collaborators, ready to face the 3rd millennium global challenge. People with a strong  technical and commercial  “background” and highly motivated: “make BOSS ENGINEERING Srl grow!

We are all aware of difficulties but we also feel comfortable that with “competency, quality, technology and professionalism” we shall be part of tomorrow challenge, sure to win.